The Importance Of Branding For Your New Business

If you have just started a new business, it is vital that you invest time and money in some great branding techniques for your new brand in order to let people know that you exist and that your products are available. Many new business people and also some long term business people focus heavily on advertising but they do not pay too much attention to the branding aspect of it. In fact, many people do not even understand the difference between advertising and branding and therefore, branding for the company tends to get neglected. One of the common mistakes that company owners make is that they tend to pay more attention to and invest more money in advertising and this can eventually lead to the collapse of the company because advertising is very temporary whereas branding has a long term impact on the company’s future.

Branding vs. advertising

Advertising is done to increase the immediate sales for the company and to bring in money within a short period of time but branding is about building up the identity of the company and about letting people know your name and having them remember it even though they do not have an immediate need for your product or service. One example of branding is to get promotional merchandise suppliers to make some great products with your brand on them. You can give these out to your potential customers for free as a gift when they win a competition or simply just give it out to people when they buy your products.

Some examples of good promotional products are branded tee shirts, branded bags and even something as small as a branded pen holder for the work place depending on the product that you buy. Creating these products will not necessarily mean that the person concerned is going to come and buy your product as a result of you giving them a tee shirt however as they wear that tee shirt, they are letting other people know about your brand and you are bringing your brand to the top of that person’s mind without them even realizing it. The more they see your logo and the more they see your brand, they will unconsciously develop a trust for your brand and if and when they have the need for your product, even a year down the line, they will remember your name, your brand and your logo. In fact, they may even recommend your products to friends and family without even having used your products themselves as a result of great branding.