Maintenance Tips For Getting Your House Ready For Sale

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Selling a house is no simple project! In fact, it is probably the biggest sale most home owners will make during their entire lifetime. You may hire the best real estate agent in the area to successfully promote your property and convince a buyer to purchase it, however, if the right level of maintenance is not done in a household, it will easily get deteriorated and loose its integrity, discouraging all buyers from buying it. The following are the things you must do way before calling up the real estate agent which plays the key role in convincing the buyers. painters melbourne

Paint details

You may have painted the house last year for Christmas or maybe even after that, whatever the case, walk around the household and check if any of the walls, windows or doors need re-painting. If so, don’t hesitate to invest on painters Malvern because if your buyers are looking for a household with which they’ll have to do the minimum remodeling and refurbishing, your home will get a good competitive advantage over the rest of the properties in the neighborhood.

Landscaped outdoor space

No matter how much you have invested on interior painters Melbourne, plumbers, electricians and carpenters to refurbish and repair the interior of the property, if the outdoor space isn’t appealing for any potential buyer who might drive by it, they won’t trouble themselves even by getting off the vehicle to check the inside of the ho household use. Be sure to keep it weeded and mulched at all times and add a few flower pots to make it look more attractive.


Filling the living spaces of a household with loads of unnecessary things can certainly complicate the atmosphere and this will prevent a potential buyer from picturing themselves living there. Get the whole family together on a weekend and go through everything in the household and get rid of anything and everything that isn’t a necessity. Freeing up the living spaces will also make them look much bigger than they actually are which is another plus point.

Fix and repair

The last thing you would want is for a curious buyer to come an open a door to discover that the handle is broken. Such an unfortunate mishap will surely convert any sale into a no-sale. Find the time look around the household for anything that needs repairing and get it done. If you are capable of fixing these yourself, make it a fun DIY project with the family and if not, hire a professional.

Clean the carpets and curtains

If the carpets and even the curtain clothes are dusty, don’t just leave them be. Get them cleaned and ready for the big staging day. Although curtains are washable, carpets may not be, and sometimes, after years of usage, even the carpet cleaning machine will not be able to get the job done. Professional carpet cleaning companies who use industrial grade vacuums and cleaners for the cleaning process will effectively do the job.