First 3 Basic Steps To Take For A Text Marketing Campaign

Marketing in the modern day has taken up various forms thanks to the different types of technologies that are available to businesses. One of the newer yet very valuable components of such a marketing strategy is using text messages. Marketing through text messaging focuses on creating customers that will connect with the business on a more personal level which in turn will create repeat customers due to the specific attention given to each individual. This is principally based on “permission marketing”. Here are a few initial steps on how to set it up.

Form the keyword

The keyword is a special phrase or word that will help your potential customers to sign up for your service marketing list via an SMS provider. As the customers who are keen to use this service will be typing this word individually to be eligible, it is best to keep the keyword as short as possible so that it is easy. Make sure that the word or phrase is also simple so that customers do not get confused or have to spend time thinking about what it is. Keep your keyword reflective of your business so that it links well with your business. Check this website to find out more details regarding SMS provider.

Decide on a service provider

Since this type of marketing involves bulk SMS, it is best to spend time researching on the various telecommunication service providers that are available in your locality. The service packages and offers each one offers will differ so spend time picking the best one suited for your style of business. Some basic areas to look for are to check if the keyword you have chosen for your campaign is not duplicated or already reserved. Similarly, make sure that they offer ample customer support when needed as these marketing strategies especially need prompt fixes for any problems that incur.

Decide on the package deal

Once you choose your service provider, the next step is to choose the right package that fits in with your business criteria. Here, two of the most important factors to consider are the number of keywords that you will need for the different requirements. The second factor is to estimate the number of texts that you want to send to each customer per month. For this, you will need to estimate the number of subscribers you will have and how frequently you would want to send marketing texts to them. Roughly dividing your Facebook and Twitter followers by 4 can give you a baseline on how many potential subscribers you are likely to have within the first month or so.